Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Spread the Curling Word!

Ever wondered how Facebook generated the news feed you see each time you login? Sometimes the posts are brand new, and often they're days old!

While the exact recipe to how they make it happen is a secret, the general rule is that the more interactions a post gets, the longer it will stay in people's news feeds. And therefore the more interactions it will generate.

It's a cyclical process and as curling fans we can help this process by liking, commenting and sharing content that we enjoy. Don't be shy about leaving a "Great post" or "Thanks for posting" comment on something you've read.  Shares go a long way, and are a huge component to spreading the word as well.  And please "like" everything curling related you see.

So next time a friend posts something about their curling game, the bonspiel they played in or even posts from the curling related pages you follow, give them a like, post a comment and please share.

It's good for the game to spread the word!