Thursday, 5 February 2015

Comment if YOU care about curling!

I know we all care about curling and if you're reading this you have a vested interest in helping to grow the game.  While chatting on the Inthehack or CurlingZone boards are great, it's still only being seen by other die hard fans of the game.

What we need people to do is comment on the news articles posted on the Internet, to show the we really care about the sport. The more comments a story gets, the more interest it seems to generate as it increases the buzz around the news.

You'll notice that when ready stories in the online newspapers, there's comments in the more popular stories. Please help promoting the sport by being more active on these news stories to show the papers that covering curling is a worthwhile cause for them and to the readers who will be more likely to read the stories.

We the Curling Lobby are Strong. Comment, Comment, Comment!

Want to get started?  Here's some feature stories from the last day:

BC Provincial Championship:

Jamie King and James Pahl among contender in deep Boston Pizza Cup field:

Balsdon looking to repeat in Ontario Tankard:

Gushue trying to bring Brier to St. John's for 2017:

Adam Casey: Newest Tankard skip not short on experience:

Top Seed McEwen wins opener in Safeway Championship: